Real Estate, Equipment

Kent and Gabe Petersen Auctioneers Inc. and its staff of professionals are ready and equipped to provide our customers with unmatched service regarding their asset valuation. Our team puts years of sales experience and vast knowledge of real and personal property to work for our clients to give them the current market analysis of their property and equipment.


  • Certified Appraisers
  • Vast Market Experience and Knowledge
  • Personal Attention



  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Truck and Trailer


Kent and Gabe Petersen Auctioneers Inc. puts its experience and knowledge to work for its customers to maximize their results and fully realize the current market conditions. Our company can assist in any asset situation: Auction, Sales, Appraisal, Management, etc.

Ph: 402-456-7445 | Fax: 402-456-7447

Sale day: 402-533-8575


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